Understanding the Different Kinds of Mortgage Home Loans

In Fort Mcmurray and Alberta, determining the kind of home loan mortgage is among the top concerns that first-time buyers deal with.  Mortgage closes the gap between the cash on hand for down payment and the actual purchase price of a property. Choosing the right mortgage is easier when one understands the different types of mortgages and its pros and cons.


The most basic type of home loan is the no-frills loans. These are loans with low interests, and the borrower can pay off the loan faster because of the lower premium. However, this doesn’t have the flexibility features that other loans have and when rates rise, the repayments increase as well. But because it is affordable, this is the most suited loan type for first-time buyers.


The standard variable rate loan is just like the basic home loan but it offers a higher interest rate than the basic loan and has more flexibility to the borrower’s advantage. With this loan type, the repayments fall when rates make a downturn and if there is an upturn, it rises with it. This also allows redraw and extra repayments won’t get penalties.  This is most suited to people who would like to get into loan refinancing.


If a borrower worries on these rise and fall of interest rates, the fixed rate loan type is very much ideal. This loan determines a fixed interest rate for a particular term for which one may choose to lock in, switch to, or go for a split loan after the said term. For home loans Alberta, fixed rate loans gives certainty and security to borrowers that whatever the economic status is during the life of the loan, the monthly loan payment would stay as is.


Fort Mcmurray mortgage loans offered to a particular group of people is called a package home loan. This kind of loan is offered by banks to people in a particular profession in a specified amount limit. This loan gives rate discounts, reduced on-going fees, and other free of charge transactions.  This is ideal for people with a large loan amount needed.


Alberta and Fort Mcmurray mortgage loans can also be granted to those with bad credit through the non-conforming loan type. This loan does not conform to the strict guidelines of bank loans. This loan type is ideal for people who with small businesses and people with a not-so-good credit record.

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