How You Can Avoid a Bank levy

An IRS levy is a procedure used by the IRS if you have not paid your taxes or a debt that you owe. It actually means that the IRS levy will take an amount of money from your monthly paycheck and you can’t do anything about it. This would be a point to where IRS levy starts taking away everything that you have. The IRS levy will start seizing your financial assets and property and sell it to pay off your back taxes. Nevertheless, you aren’t going to realize your aspirations within the IRS levy if you don’t be well informed from the policies. The IRS levy must give a notice of 20 to 30 days before beginning to seize your property. A single person to guide you actually is an IRS tax attorney. A great IRS tax attorney is really a person exactly who works well with taxpayers to take care of their particular complications using the IRS levy. These people have interacted with the IRS before on various occasions and can pass you through the procedure measure by measure.

What your tax attorney will likely do first is review all of your financial statements. If there is a discrepancy, then the lawyer can register a motion to terminate on your behalf to have the IRS levy lifted. The other thing the tax attorney can do if you cannot afford to pay the full amount is raise an offer in compromise to the IRS levy, offering to pay some of the amount of money but not all due to your inability to pay.


There are many other reasons to use an IRS tax lawyer and the most common reason is simply to help you understand and figure out difficult tax issues. If you’re looking for a good IRS tax attorney, you may have a lot work in front of you. There are lots of first-class law firms available; however, you should also be wise and ruthless on how to locate the correct one. KK Tax Group is bringing Service to the Tax Resolution Industry. KK Tax Group is National Tax Resolution firm, provides all 50 States and Territories with Real IRS Tax Relief. They represent taxpayers throughout the IRS Tax Resolution process.

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