Forex Trading Robots – Use Them and You Will Lose for One Simple Obvious Reason

There are many Forex robots which are sold cheaply online and they always claim big gains and very small draw downs. Traders are also tempted to buy them, as they claim you can make money with no effort. and the cost is normally around a $150.00 but they all lose money for a simple and obvious reason which we will look at in this article.

In a moment, we will look at how you can make money trading Forex but the obvious reason why these robots lose is because the track records presented are not real at all and the robot has only worked in back testing – ever seen an audited track record or statements on a brokers headed note paper?

Neither have I and common sense should tell people you don’t buy a lifelong income, for spending just a one off $150.00! Of course if these systems worked, no one would work, there would be no recession and we would all sit back and enjoy the good life, as our robots made us a fortune!

So how do you make money in Forex?

The good news about Forex trading is anyone can learn to trade but its like any other business venture – you need to know the basics and learn them.

In Forex trading the knowledge you need to win is easy to acquire and you learn all you need to know in a few weeks and if you adopt the right mindset, your on your way to trading success. Sure you have to make an effort to learn trading but for the effort you will have to make the rewards can be life changing.

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